Monday, 18 June 2007

O's return To The Somme

Ladies and Gentleman as the days grow longer and the temperature gets hotter, we raise a glass of cider to the return of another British summer. And what makes summer so unique and special in this Sceptred Isle, what makes it especially British? Is it the return of the fine English specimen that is the naked torso of our fellow building folk? Is it the angelic sound of bombastic base gently caressing ours ears? Or is it our cobbled golden streets filled with the tipper tapper of young fillies wearing the finest yet skimpy of modern attire?
It is all these things and more, but one event that heralds the dawning of another British summer is the ye ol festival that is known as Glastonbury to those in the know. A festival that is traditionally blessed by the ancient gods with a shower from the heavens that symbolizes the beginning of another wet yet joyful summer. Its what makes the inhabitants of this antiquarian Isle true men and women. So lets doff out hats to the pyramid stage and bow down in respect to the communal toilets. In the next blog we shall look at what a true Lady and Gent should wear when participating in a festival.

Cheerio and happy wading
Lord Monty.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

And God created - The Blog

God created the world in seven days, I have no idea how he did this, maybe he put all his other projects on hold, maybe his work load was a little low. All I know is that its going to take a little longer than 7 days to get this page up a running. In the mean time listen to some music.
Lord Monty.